Jonelle Chandler

NBA Stats User Experience Overhaul


The sports industry is changing with a shift from passive to more active & engaged sports fans. 

Stats-In-A-Box is a collection of NBA international automated pages that provide all major NBA statistics. Our challenge was to create an intuitive user experience, introduce unique content and refresh the overall look & feel. Because the interfaces had to be designed with the end user in mind, it was crucial to define the characteristics of each user and their experience.

Responsive Design meets International Content.

The fully responsive site translated into 19 languages, and delivered team, player and league information to international partner sites around the world. 

Mobile-first approach

Cross-device analytics tracking and user testing allowed us to see that more international users consume content on on their mobile and sometimes 2 devices at a time. With every site being responsive, it was crucial that all our strategy and user experience efforts were focused on mobile techniques firsts.