Jonelle Chandler

NBA Second Screen Experience


Enhance the NBA's second screen viewing experience in a way that existing tools can’t. 

Our goal was to provide this heightened experience, focusing a little higher than simply a better second screen experience -- but focusing on how to help users become better fans.

So what makes somebody feel like a better fan?

  • Immediacy
  • Insight
  • Insider Status

We explored how to enhancing existing and create new content types.

Wireframes & Functional Specifications

Scoring Plays

  1. Game status bar attached to bottom of tile
  2. Game time in place of post time
  3. OPTIONAL: League Pass CTA overlay on game status tap/ rollover

Social Media Card

  1. Full-bleed media on tile
  2. Source line shows twitter icon and clickable user name
  3. On mobile, ellipsis tap reveals tile overlay for sharing/action options
  4. Mobile layout stays til ~550px, then splits into side-by-side

Crunch Time Alert

  1. Custom crunch time alert header
  2. Game status bar attached to tile highlighting another league game that;s going down to the wire
  3. OPTIONAL: League Pass CTA overlay on game status tap/rollover

Interface Design