Jonelle Chandler

NBA's International Responsive Site Redesign


Create awesome responsive designs for the new homepage of the NBA's International website.

This responsive homepage has been created to deliver NBA editorial and
statistical in a highly engaging and consumable form. Supported by the
Stats-in-a-Box platform, this page provides an ideal entry point into each
licensee’s unique site. The page is designed to be responsive, meaning it
will display properly at all screen sizes, from small smartphones up to wide
screen desktop monitors. 

Defining Color.

The SIB color palette builds from the primary NBA color palette, providing a range of slightly muted greys and blues to support a clear hierarchy across a range of modules.

Full-Width Desktop.

The desktop experience features one top story, which should always be supported with an image. Headlines tiles can support three types of stories: Articles with images (C), articles without images, and articles with video (B).


Limited-Width Desktop. 

The homepage design can be deployed either fullwidth on the page, or with a specified maximum width to allow for the use of background ads on large sized monitors. 


The tablet version of the homepage is simply the responsive desktop design constrained to the edges of the tablet browser. Because of the site’s responsive design, it can scale up or down to match all potential tablet screen widths.


At small-screen sizes the layout adapts to serve a condensed experience without compromising impact and breadth of content.